ULTra Personal Rapid Transit

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ULTra Advanced Transport Systems Ltd

A new approach to public transport


PRT (Personal Rapid Transit) provides on-demand driverless travel using its own guideway network

ULTra offers an advanced form of PRT, ready for application, giving effective, low cost and sustainable transport for cities, airports and special developments worldwide.

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ULTra PRT sustainable transit
ULTra is a battery-driven, 100-mpg-equivalent, elevated personal rapid transit system with many four-person vehicles. First deployment is scheduled for London Heathrow Airport in Spring 2009, to serve Heathrow's new Terminal 5. Working as circulator transit for office parks, airports, universities, and other major activity centers, ULTra is faster than a car. In these applications, ULTra makes carpooling and conventional transit more effective, by solving the "last mile problem." http://www.atsltd.co.uk/

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Heathrow ULTra PRT Construction Underway
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BAA Heathrow ULTra PRT

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