Japanese Nurse Robot Twendy-One

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Would You Trust Your Patients to Twendy-One?

PTC (The Product Development Company® of Needham, Massachusetts) is reporting that one of its software products has been selected by Waseda University's Sugano Laboratory as "the main engineering tool for the development of a human-symbiotic robot."
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WENDY (Waseda Engineering Designed sYmbiont)

TWENDY-ONE is an advanced version of the WENDY robot (Waseda Engineering Designed sYmbiont) which was developed in 1999 in Sugano Laboratory,
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When TWENDY-ONE manipulates an object with various shape, it is easy for TWENDY-ONE to adapt to the object by passivity to absorb external force generated by the positioning deviation. In the same way, TWENDY-ONE can adapt to human motion and hold a human. As a result, TWENDY-ONE can manipulate an object dexterously as well as support a human.
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