Sharklet's Antibacterial Surfaces

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Sharklet Technology Bets on Antibacterial Topographies

Sharklet Technologies, LLC, an Alachua, Fla. firm, says that they have figured out a new way to control infections on artificial surfaces. After extensively studying shark's skin, the company says its proprietary Sharklet™ surface technology can control the growth of microorganisms and bacteria including Staph aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and E. coli. The most interesting thing about the Sharklet™ is that the antibacterial properties of the surface come not from the chemicals but rather from the shape and microscopic pattern alone.
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Medical Design

Shark skin shows how to keeps surfaces clean

The six panels come from a 21-day study that monitored the growth of Staphylococcus aureus on a smooth surface (left column of Dow Corning Silastic T-2 elastomer) and a Sharklet surface. Top row shows bacterial growth after seven days, the middle row after 14, and bottom row after 21. The bacteria have been highlighted with color.

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Sharklet Technologies
Sharklet Technologies is a biotechnology company that develops and brings to market surface technologies that are designed to inhibit or enhance microorganism growth to make the world a healthier, environmentally safer and better place.

Surface Technology

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The engineered topograpy approach to designing surfaces evaluates the effects on bioadhesion of systematically altering the following surface properties (depicted in the image below):

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Market Opportunities for Sharklet™

Sharklet Technologies believes that the Sharklet™ surface technology is a versatile solution for the complex problem of hospital acquired infections.

Hygienic Surfaces

Medical Devices

Marine Applications

In addition to the healthcare sector, SharkletTM holds great potential to provide the maritime industries with an environmentally-friendly alternative to metal-based antifouling paints.

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Shark skin shows how to keeps surfaces clean | Jun 2008
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