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Image Recognition Software Breakthrough

ScienceDaily (Jan. 7, 2009) — Image recognition is a long-standing challenge in science. But European researchers have achieved a breakthrough by developing a powerful image-recognition application with mass-market appeal. There is a bright future for the technology.

An image-recognition system developed by European researchers can hyperlink reality. It’s true. The MOBVIS system can recognise individual buildings in a photo you take with your camera-phone. Then it can apply icons that hyperlink to information about the building. Simply by looking at a picture, the system knows where you are and can tell what you are looking at.

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Vision Technologies and Intelligent Maps for Mobile Attentive Interfaces in Urban Scenarios

Mobile Vision in Urban Scenarios

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The MOBVIS project identifies the key issue for the realisation of smart mobile vision services to be the application of context to solve otherwise intractable vision tasks. In order to achieve this challenging goal, MOBVIS claims that three components, (1) multi-modal context awareness, (2) vision based object recognition, and (3) intelligent map technology, should be combined for the first time into a completely innovative system - the attentive interface.
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Object Awareness

Visual Localisation

Multimodal Positioning

Visual Context Awareness

Multimodal Context

Augmented Digital City Maps

Geo-Services & Incremental Map Updating

Visual Attention

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Image Recognition Software Breakthrough
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