Guggenheim and Google Join for Shelter Design Competition

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Think Small: Design a Tiny Shelter Online

On Monday the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and Google will announce a global, online design competition that invites the public to use Google Earth and Google SketchUp to design virtual 3-D shelters. The contest, Design It: Shelter Competition, will accept submissions through Aug. 23. Amateur and professional designers can visit guggenheim.org for information on how to enter, choose a location on Google Earth and use SketchUp software to create an original design for a 100-square-foot living and work space.
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Design It: Shelter Competition

Why shelters?

The competition is an extension of Learning By Doing, an exhibition in the Guggenheim Museum Sackler Center for Arts Education that features plans, photographs, and models of student-built shelters from the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture. For the past seven decades, students at this school have taken on the challenge of designing, building, and living in small shelters nestled in the landscapes of the school’s Arizona and Wisconsin campuses. In working on these shelters, students consider human needs for safety and comfort, as well as the relationship between architecture and place.

Design It: Shelter Competition opens up the project to you. If you could build a shelter anywhere in the world, where would it be? How would you design it to respond to the surrounding environment?
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Learning By Doing

Design It:
Shelter Competition

design it: shelter competition

Design, submit, and view shelters.

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Unlike the Taliesin assignment, the shelters in this competition are virtual. To enter, use Google SketchUp to design a small structure where someone might sleep and work. Your shelter should be created for a specific site anywhere in the world and geo-located in Google Earth. It also should conform to size constraints and must not include running water, gas or electricity. When you're done with your design, upload it to the Google 3D Warehouse, then fill out the submission form on the Guggenheim website.
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You can use Google SketchUp to create, modify and share 3D models.

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New! Build models and add them to
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