Interactive Data Eyeglasses

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Heads-Up Display Embedded In Glasses

A German company turns regular glasses into an eye-motion-controlled PDA screen
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Interactive Data Eyeglasses
The data eyeglasses can read from the engineer’s eyes which details he needs to see on the building plans. A CMOS chip with an eye tracker in the microdisplay makes this possible. The eyeglasses are connected to a PDA, display information and respond to commands.
For car designers, secret agents in the movies and jet fighter pilots, data eyeglasses – also called head-mounted displays, or HMDs for short – are everyday objects. They transport the wearer into virtual worlds or provide the user with data from the real environment. At present these devices can only display information. “We want to make the eyeglasses bidirectional and interactive so that new areas of application can be opened up,” says Dr. Michael Scholles, business unit manager at the Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems IPMS in Dresden.

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