NASA and GM's Robonaut2

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Meet 'Robonaut 2,' Your Future Co-Worker

  • NASA and GM have unveiled robots that work alongside humans -- on Earth and in space.
  • Engineers are trying to mimic human form and have the Robonaut work at human speeds.
  • NASA may employ the robots as spacewalkers' assistants.
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NASA, GM Take Giant Leap in Robotic Technology
JSC2009-E-155300: Robonaut
Robonaut2 – or R2 for short – is the next generation dexterous robot, developed through a Space Act Agreement by NASA and General Motors. Credit: NASA.
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SLIDESHOW: NASA Unveils Robonaut 2
"This cutting-edge robotics technology holds great promise, not only for NASA, but also for the nation," said Doug Cooke, associate administrator for the Exploration Systems Mission Directorate at NASA Headquarters in Washington. "I'm very excited about the new opportunities for human and robotic exploration these versatile robots provide across a wide range of applications."
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