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A UK company called X2 has released a new tablet PC, and funnily enough they have called it the iTablet, which was one of the much rumored names for the Apple iPad before it was launched.

The X2 iTablet seems to have fairly decent specifications, which include a range of screen sizes from 10.2 to 12.1 inches, both of these tablets are powered by a 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor.

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Welcome to X2 the European centre for Design, Manufacture, Customisation, Distribution & Supply of Computing, Wireless Technologies & digital display signage for organisations on the move.
X2 is a provider of high performance, rugged mobile computing solutions and technologies, our experience and skills help to position us to serve industrial, commercial, military and government customers around the world, with our partner organisations X2 can offer a full solution service, and with our original equipment manufacturing (OEM) partners a 100% custom hardware development program.

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In fact, the Guardian UK basically reported that the only reason why this tablet device got any press today was because of its Apple-like name. “X2 wouldn’t normally get much in the way of press coverage because it’s one of the companies that has been quietly supplying tablet PCs to the industrial and commercial markets, where they have many uses in retail, healthcare, logistics etc,” says the Guardian UK.

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The iTablet as described does sound like a reasonable machine, and it's clearly an improvement on the version shown at CeBIT in 2007. It has a 1.6GHz Intel Atom N270 processor, 512MB to 2GB of memory, and a 10.2-inch XGA (1024 x 600 pixel) screen. The dimensions are 252 x 192m and the thickness runs from 28mm to 35mm. It weighs 1.18kg (2.6 pounds). There's a choice of operating system: Windows 7, Windows XP Tablet Edition or Linux.
This particular model is the AMtek iTablet T10L, which I expect will be shown at Embedded World 2010 and the CeBIT exhibition in Germany. It's similar to the Atom-powered X210L that X2 announced last year.

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The X210L compact tablet has been developed to meet the highly demanding market for commercially deployable tablet PC’s with functionality appropriate for high demand volume user, with options for extended battery performance to 8hrs, limited or custom button or I/O port options. The device is designed to ensure easy handling and low failure rate in the hands of corporate staff, the general user and public access locations, with a competitive pricing structure, based on the latest in Intel technology

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X2 will offer the iTablet in a wide range of case colors, and it comes with either a 10.2-inch or 12.1-inch widescreen TFT screen. It can also run either Windows or Linux.
X2 computing has not yet announced pricing, but the company did say that the iTablet will ship this April. Whether the firm can sell the tablet in the US remains to be seen due to the aforementioned trademark issues.

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