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Bionic Learning Network

Inspired by nature

Nature never ceases to amaze us with its aesthetic beauty. It is no surprise therefore that nature’s fascinating creatures also served as inspiration for the new projects of Festo’s Bionic Learning Network.
The Bionic Learning Network is part of Festo’s commitment to technical education and training. In cooperation with students, major-name universities, institutes and development companies, Festo supports projects and prototypes which extend beyond its core segments of Automation and Didactic and which may produce interesting application fields of the future. The aim is to make automated movements even more efficient and productive with the aid of bionics. The Bionic Learning Network demonstrates fascinating solutions to complex problems.

Festo - Bionic Learning Network 2010


AquaPenguins - technology-bearers as autonomous underwater vehicles



iFab – 3D printing

Clipped from: YouTube - Festo iFab

BionicTripod with FinGripper

BionicTripod with FinGripper – versatile movement and adaptive grasping

AirArm – an assistant robot
at the human-machine interface


Molecubes – an attractive programmable robotics system

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