Lund and Company Invention, L.L.C's Less Lethal LVVWS Weapon

Inventors Design Less-Lethal ‘Taser Me Elmo’ Rifle


Lund Technologies dreams up prototypes for just about everything, from hydrogen-powered toy rockets and light-up footballs to the top-selling Honey My Baby Pony and T.M.X. Tickle Me Elmo dolls. But with a little financing from the Pentagon, the company has also devised a new type of less-lethal rifle.

According to the company, the Lund Variable Velocity Weapons System (LVVWS) is an all-in-one weapon: lethal when used at high velocity, or less-lethal at low-velocity. The gun uses pump action, shoots two rounds a second and weighs a little over six pounds. It also substitutes a uses a hydrogen-powered combustion chamber for a standard cartridge, and doesn’t produce any smoke or powder residue.
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Hydrogen Fuel Rocket

World’s first hydrogen powered toy and the first new rocket technology in almost 50 years.

Keeping The Good Guys Safe

The only problem was the Army didn’t want to use Hydrogen to fuel this less-lethal weapon system. So we went on a search for fuel alternatives, finally settling on a commercially available MAPP gas canister - the kind used in nail guns and such.
Based on work we had done a year earlier developing a Hydrogen-powered nail gun, we reconfigured many of the tool's components to create the world’s first variable velocity non-lethal weapons system, known now as the LVVWS, or Lund Variable Velocity Weapon System. 

Media Buzz

There has been a lot of media buzz lately about our work with the Department of Defense creating a non-lethal weapon system, the LVVWS (Lund Variable Velocity Weapon System). WiredGizmodoPopular Science, and others have picked up the story and run with it, some stories more accurate than others.  
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Tickle Me Elmo Creator Invents a Sometimes-Lethal Weapon

There is plenty of interest in future developments of the combustion technology. Lund is talking to the law enforcement community about a handgun version that will provide the sort of nonlethal stopping power currently available only from shotguns. The Department of Homeland Security officials have been talking about a combustion-powered 40-mm grenade launcher to launch sensors that can detect toxic gas or place wireless listening devices. Lund has even been looking into making gas-fired mortars. An adapted VVWS might even have sports applications for skeet or trap shooting, and could be considered a green technology since it needs no cartridge cases and uses no powder.

Toymaker Weapons
The award-winning maker of Tickle Me Elmo dips his hand into weapons innovations with a unique gun that kills only when the shooter wants it to.
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