WYSIPS Photovoltaic Surface Charges Your Phone Without a Charger

The WYSIPS Company was formed in 2009. It is part of Sunpartner Group’s affiliates. It commercializes WYSIPS’® (What You See Is Photovoltaic Surface) patent.

WYSIPS technology is the combination of micro lenses with PV cells together on which we apply image stripes and transparent stripes. The lenses concentrate exterior light on the transparent parts to allow the PV cells to capture solar energy. The lenses transform the image for the observer depending on the programmable viewing angles.

The technology is protected by generic international patent. www.wipo.int

WYSIPS Technology does not alter the structure of the surface:

WYSIPS Technology consists of a flexible transparent lenticular film onto which extremely thin photovoltaic strips (in the region of one micron) have been deposited, thereby creating a flexible photovoltaic film which, from some angles, becomes totally transparent. Bonded to an LCD screen, for instance, it transforms the digital image without altering its definition or brilliance.

YouTube - 2011 International CTIA WIRELESS: WYSIPS Charges Your Phone Without a Charger

WYSIPS's e-tech entry shows how their technology uses solar energy to charge your phone through a photovoltaic film on top of your phone screen. Watch WYSIPS' President Ludovic Deblois demo of their product.

YouTube - Wysips Solar Charging Touchscreen

A first look at a solar charing touchscreen. Imagine being able to charge your phone continuously from the sun or from a nearby light.