El Camino del Rey -- The Most Dangerous Hike in the World

Photos & Guide to El Camino Del Rey, El Chorro, Spain
  • Some say its the most dangerous hike in the world, El Camino Del Rey (also known as El Caminito Del Rey) ...

  • The path was originally constructed in 1905 for workers of a hydro eletric damn set up in the cliffs of El Choro. Since then, the path has deteriorated and is now only for the adventurous. The government of Spain allocated 7 million euros for the restoration of El Camino Del Rey in 2006, however its clear that this has not been spent yet.
 The climb starts like this, get the worst part over with

 Crossing another missing section via the 3″ beam

El Caminito Del Rey To Be Restored
  • €9 million over 4 years to fund the restoration

    The announced restoration of the landmark El Caminito Del Rey was decided yesterday, with one of its major obstacles being the funding. The full council of Malaga approved a multi-year economic plan to fund the works between 2011 and 2015. The investment amounts to 9,076,880 euros, which will be contributed equally by the provincial body and the Junta de Andalucia at a rate of 907,688.05 per year for each institution.
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