Barco's RP-360 a Breakthrough in Flight Simulator Technology

Flight simulator gives 360-degree immersion | TG Daily

Belgian company Barco has unveiled what's probably the most advanced flight-training simulator in the world, a fully immersive, 360 degree system using rear projection.

The RP-360 is designed to give pilots the most realistic view possible, and can be hooked up to other simulators so that several pilots can carry out mission training together.

It's claimed to be the first flight sim to give the pilot a completely uninterrupted 360-degree view, and can be used to simulate a number of different fighter jets.

Barco's RP-360 is a rear-projected spherical display system for full 360° immersive training. The system performance produces the most accurate image quality on the market today.

Barco | Dome displays | 360° immersive dome setup for flight training | RP-360 dome

At a glance

• 13 or 14 projectors
• 25:1 system contrast
• Resolution better than 4 arcmin/OLP
• 10ftL brightness
• can fit in rooms down to 14ft high
It features the following dedicated technologies for multi-channel setups:

DynaColor: automatic color calibration across channels
Linked constant light output: brightness equalization across channels
Edge blending: creates one seamless composite image
Warping: precise geometry correction for curved surfaces
Smearing reduction: handles fast-moving imagery effortlessly