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  • MBA Polymers is a recognized global leader in the production of sustainable high-value plastics recovered from complex resource streams and end-of-life durable goods such as appliances, business machines and automobiles. The company is not only the technological leader in this developing area, but also the first global company to provide such services and materials.
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  • Company based in Richmond, California, United States has started a revolution in recycling the millions of tons of waste plastic you incinerate or put into landfill.
    MBA Polymers takes complex shredder residue, low value material, and produces a high-value commodity by sorting out the non-plastic byproducts, such as wood, rubber, metals, fabrics, and separating the plastic by type and grade. This complicated separation of shredded plastics has very low cost, less environmental impact, and is cheaper to purchase than virgin. The proprietary process and technology includes upgrading, compounding, and extruding to a pellet form, at a fraction of the energy and resources to create virgin plastic. Final product that is high quality with stable volumes, resold directly back into the durable goods industry for electronic and auto components, information technology and home media equipment, and domestic appliance applications. 
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