Lit Motors' C-1 Gyroscopically Stabilized Electric Motorcycle

The "C-1" (Codename) "Rolling Smart Phone" | Lit Motors, Inc.

Introducing the C-1, the world's first gyroscopically stabilized rolling smart phone. This vehicle combines the efficiency and freedom of a motorcycle with the safety and convenience of a car. Offering the alternated to alternatives on an exciting and safe platform, the C-1 transforms your daily commute into something to look forward to.

The vehicle

So far, Kim and his team have developed an operating model of the C-1's flywheel-based stabilization system, along with a full-scale fiberglass mock-up of the vehicle itself. They are now working on a hand-built steel uni-bodied working prototype, which should reportedly be complete within about three months. Plans call for an initial run of production vehicles to be available at a price of about US$24,000 by late 2013, with that price going down to $16,000 once full production gets under way in 2014.

Keeping connected

As with many existing newer cars, the vehicle will also utilize various connectivity protocols to stay in contact with the internet. This will allow its driver to be continuously aware of factors such as traffic, construction, and adverse weather conditions - where applicable, alternate routes will be suggested.

This vehicle also employs KERS Kinetic Energy Recovery System in addition to both an aerodynamic shape and a low rolling resistance.

With KERS, whenever you use your brakes, that kinetic energy will be stored and used to assist in spinning up the flywheels. The flywheels sit near the bottom of the vehicle and both provide stability for the vehicle and deliver power to the drivetrain when you’re accelerating. Quite efficient! The C-1′s flywheel stabilization system allows you to balance in essentially any situation, as shown quite clearly in this lovely video: