Lumus Wearable Display

Walk And Watch HD Movies With Lumus’ See-Through Video Glasses

Video eyewear hasn’t been the most practical — or even quality — technology to emerge over the past 10 years, but it still carries an essence of the future with it. And while they’re not any more practical, Lumus Technologies’ 720p DK-32 see-through video eyewear struck enough of a balance between picture quality, wearability and that future factor for my enjoyment.

Lumus see-through wearable display hands-on at CES 2012 - YouTube

Lumus was showing off two different types of wearable displays, the development kit -- or DK-32 shown above -- and the PD-18-4 a monocular version using the same technology. Driven by Lumus' patented Light-guide Optical Element, a micro-display pod, and the Optical Engine which projects light into the lens -- where it is reflected back to the user's eye via reflectors embedded in the lens -- the Lumus' DK-32 delivers a bright 720p 3D-capable display that only weighs 27 grams.

Lumus - The Lumus Solution

See-through and large screen effect
Unlimited screen size is one of the most innovate and coolest features of Lumus' see-through capability, enabling users to literally experience the world's largest screen. While display brightness and contrast are optimized to block out ambient background when watching video content, the Field of View surrounding the active image remains clear, with the image appearing as though it is being projected onto whatever background is visible. For example, when viewing an image with a wall in front of the wearer, the image appears as if it is a large screen projected on that wall. When outside and looking at the view several blocks away, the image appears as if it is hundreds of feet wide. This phenomenon is explained by the unlimited distance perception enabled by the see-through capability - the farther the distance observed around the active image, the larger the image appears.

Lumus - Advantages

  • Unobtrusive, natural look and feel of regular eyeglasses, which can be worn all day, even when screen is off
  • Huge expandable screen with image appearing even larger over distance
  • Situational awareness enabling watching on the go while seeing what's going on around you
  • Hands-free flow of critical data, keeping you constantly connected no matter what you are doing
  • Personal and private screen allowing discreet viewing of video and data anywhere
  • Augmented reality content overlaid on what you see, enabling revolutionary applications
  • Stereoscopic image enabling mind-blowing 3D video and gaming
  • No fatigue or dizziness because of open peripheral vision and proprietary alignment methods and procedures