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Android operating system has penetrated almost all electronics, from in-vehicle infotainment systems, and ending wristwatch. However, producers that was not enough and they decided to find a new habitat popular platform: SmartGoggles.

The company Sensics, speaking developer SmartGoggles, released a video teaser of the future gadget, which is a helmet with a display in front of the user’s eyes. As noted above, Sensics SmartGoggles runs on an operating system Android, which version is not specified.


Sensics Introduces SmartGoggles™: a New 3d, 360-Degree Gaming and Entertainment Platform

Will Unveil Intelligent, Interactive 3D Goggles at CES

COLUMBIA, MD (12/22/11) – Maryland-based Sensics plans to unveil SmartGoggles™, a new 3D, 360-degree gaming and entertainment platform at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show.
Sensics’ SmartGoggles™ technology powers new types of gaming and entertainment goggles that are mobile and feature real-time, 360-degree tracking of the hands from the user’s perspective, adding intelligence, natural interaction, and true portability to goggle designs.
Source: Sensics

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What’s inside?

SmartGoggles are a unique architecture for smarter, better virtual reality goggles. Delivered as a ‘system on a module’, SmartGoggles technology provides consumer electronics companies with an engine for building goggles that customers will love to use.
SmartGoggles typically include the following components:
  • A powerful application processor, typically running Android or Windows Embedded, allowing you to download, run and store applications locally – on the goggles – and take them with you.
  • A unique system for first-person hand tracking, providing natural interaction with the applications. By using hand tracking data – provided through the libSensics™ software library, application developers can use the hands to interact with 3D content, to play a 360 degree 3D game and to provide on-board user interface.
  • A virtual reality engine that provides almost everything you need to build goggles: display drivers, predictive head tracking, video processing, communications and more.
Ready to dive deeper into the architecture of SmartGoggles? Click here for a detailed block diagram.