Impressions of the OpenMoko Neo1973

About an early release of the openMoko Neo1973 Linux phone:

clipped from www.wired.com

A First Tussle With Linux's iPhone Killer: The OpenMoko Neo1973

The Neo1973's main interface holds the phone's default applications -- an address book, an RSS reader and a media player among them. Under the hood, there's a Linux command line.

Photo: Paul Adams

The Neo1973 is the first piece of phone hardware designed to run the open source OpenMoko software platform. Although not yet ready for prime time, the Linux-based mobile OS has hackers excited.

clipped from www.wired.com

The Neo1973 ships in a portable black box filled with hacker-friendly tools -- including a guitar pick for prying open the phone's case.

The developer release of the Neo1973 comes with a debug board, an essential tool for working out kinks in the software.

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