Pay It To Me - A New Advertising Concept

The next Million Dollar Homepage?

An original e-marketing concept by some guy from Belgium:


Wish fulfillment
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You want to buy something but you don't have enough money to do it ? Do you want to find a generous advertiser who will accept to pay it to you for promotional reasons ?

If yes, you are invited to :

  • Take a photo of the desired item with the amount AND the currency well visible.
  • Own a Paypal account (all payments are made through Paypal).
  • Email your Paypal email address + your photo at payittome@gmail.com.

Participate to this project as often as you want. All types of items (of any amount) are accepted : gadgets, shopping, and so on...

New desired items will be chosen randomly and posted on my twinblog (www.desireditem.blogspot.com) every week.

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