Napping Tips

Why You Need to Take a Nap at Work

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Napping Tips

Here are some of Mednick's tips and tidbits on making the most of your nap times:

Prime nap time is 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. That minidip in energy you experience is biological, not because you just ate lunch, Mednick said.

Stage 2 Sleep. There are different phases of sleep. Within 20 minutes, you experience "Stage 2" sleep, which increases alertness and motor skills.

Slow Wave Sleep. Within 40 minutes, you'll experience slow wave sleep, which increases memory.

REM Sleep. This is deep sleep you'll get if you nap for up to 90 minutes, and it increases creativity.

Low light and low noise will help you fall asleep faster.

Studies show that naps up to 90 minutes won't interfere with your sleep at night, so don't sleep too long. And don't nap within three hours of bedtime.

Famous nappers include Lance Armstrong, Bill Clinton and Albert Einstein.

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