An Interplanetary Internet

Google and NASA are Working on an Interplanetary Internet

The Interplanetary Internet concept

The Interplanetary Internet concept

In an initiative energized by Google Vice-President and Chief Internet Evangelist Vint Cerf, the International Space Station could be testing a brand new way of communicating with Earth. In 2009, it is hoped that the ISS will play host to an Interplanetary Internet prototype that could standardize communications between Earth and space, possibly replacing point-to-point single use radio systems customized for each individual space mission since the beginning of the Space Age.
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A Better Network for Outer Space

Networking space: Vint Cerf, cocreator of the Internet and a vice president at Google, is designing protocols for a robust space-communication network, modeled on the terrestrial Internet.
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Interplanetary Networking/Internet Presentation

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