Materials that never get wet

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Behaviour of water drops on different surfaces.
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Superhydrophobic materials have surfaces that are extremely difficult to wet, with water contact angles in excess of 150°.
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rose petal
A water droplet stuck to a rose petal
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Water-repellant wood

Water droplets on a wood surface treated with BASF's "Lotus Spray", which has made the surface extremely water-repellant (superhydrophobic).
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How to Make Water Bounce

New Scientist

Nanotech clothing fabric 'never gets wet'

Lead researcher Stefan Seeger at the University of Zurich says the fabric, made from polyester fibres coated with millions of tiny silicone filaments, is the most water-repellent clothing-appropriate material ever created.

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University of ZurichInstitute
of Physical Chemistry (Group of Prof. Dr. Stefan Seeger)

The most water-repellent clothing fabric ever made could create low-drag swimsuits and garments that repel grime

The new fabric strongly repels water thanks to nanoscale filaments with a spiky structure (Image: University of Zurich/Wiley Vch)
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a new highly water resistant material that may be used to make surgical suits or other devices that rely on hydrophobic properties.

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