NASA's Next Generation Lunar Rover

Driving on the Moon in Your Shirtsleeves

The Small Pressureized Rover.  Credit: NASA
NASA is testing out the next generation of lunar rovers, conducting field tests in the Arizona desert. Engineers, astronauts and geologists are driving rovers through terrain similar to the Moon's surface to see if they can perform as advertised when humans return there, hopefully by 2020.
The second configuration, the Small Pressurized Rover, (SPR) adds a module on top of the rover’s chassis where the crew can sit inside in a shirt-sleeves environment as they drive the vehicle, donning spacesuits whenever they want to get out.
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Small Pressurized Rover (SPR) with EVA suit ports
Small Pressurized Rover with a view of astronaut suitports
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EVA suit demonstration
Extra Vehicular Activity spacesuit undergoes testing
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