Robots Play Music With Real People

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Robots Pass Musical Turing Test

The Robotic Musicianship Group at Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology just blew our minds with some videos depicting robots playing music with real people.

These robots, developed with funding from the National Science Foundation, listen to humans creating music in real time and play along with them. One might say they improvise.

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Robotic Musicianship Group

The Robotic Musicianship Group aims to facilitate meaningful musical interactions between humans and machines, leading to novel musical experiences and outcomes. In our research we combine computational modeling approaches for perception, interaction, and improvisation, with novel approaches for generating acoustic responses in physical and visual manners.
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Robotic Musicianship jam session - Eastern

A session between two humans and two robots: Haile, the perceptual robotic drummer detects the beat played by a human darbuka player and improvises based the human's input.
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