BrainLab's Digital Lightbox -- Multitouch Clinical Display

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BrainLab's Digital Lightbox Getting an Upgrade

BrainLab AG is planning on releasing an updated version of its Digital Lightbox multitouch clinical display. Still reminding us of a giant iPhone, the unit interfaces with EMRs to display and manipulate clinical images easily and intuitively, essentially making the keyboard or any other interface device unnecessary.
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Discover Digital Lightbox©

Digital Lightbox© is a multi-touch display that allows surgeons and physicians to instantly access and manipulate digital medical data through the power of touch.

The widescreen interactive display ensures faster, easier medical data access and utilization. Through touch/drag finger movements, you can navigate, fuse, and zoom on MRI, CT, PET/SPECT and x-ray images.

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Digital Lightbox© - Multi-touch Display

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