Kondo Robot Battles

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Robo One

Robo-One is a robot competition category of bipedal humanoid robots. The first ROBO-ONE contest was held in Japan in 2002 and consisted of an initial judged autonomous "Demonstration" stage, followed by one-on-one matches.

Early ROBO-ONE specifications were deliberately minimal to encourage as much participation as possible. As the robots' performance has improved, the specifications have been tightened to keep the focus on 'humanoid robotics'. For example, the foot/sole size in relation to the robots overall size has been incrementally decreased for recent competitions.

ROBO-ONE 15 in Kawasaki (Photos)
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Kondo KHR-2


KHR-2 is a bipedal humanoid robot kit that allows you to build a fighting robot. It can perform a wide range of motion, such as walking, kung-fu fighting, sucker kicks and acrobatics.

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Kondo KHR-2HV robot
KHR-2HV kit content
KHR-2HV kit box
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The 2nd KONDO BATTLE, Open Class Final match, Gargoil vs Armdoll

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Kondo Robot Battle - Black Tiger Neo

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