Deep Flight -- High Performance Winged Submarine

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Winged submarine is Ferrari of the depths

Meet the Deep Flight Super Falcon, the world’s first production “winged submersible”, pictured here diving off the British Virgin Islands in January.
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Underwater 'flying machine' launched

Unlike other submersibles, Mr Hawkes said his deep sea craft can actually "fly underwater".

Graham Hawkes and Super Falcon

"Normal submersibles have ballast systems and are nothing more than sinkers. They just treat the ocean as a vertical elevator and they typically work on the bottom on a small footprint.

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Tom Perkins at Maltese Falcon Submarine Test
Maltese Falcon Submarine Tom Perkins
Maltese Falcon Submarine Tom Perkins Submersible
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Class: High performance Winged Submersible
Numerical Design Designation: DF 302

Wings deployed: 3.0m
Wings folded: 1.4m
1.6m height, 6.7m length

Cruise Speed: 2-6 knots
Maximum Thrust: 508lbs, 231kg
Max Descent Rate: 200 ft/min
Max Ascent Rate: 400 ft/min
Operating Depth:
1,000 fsw
Crew: 2

Launch Weight: 1,818kg
Payload: 230 Kg (2 persons)

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