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Google Announces Search Engine Changes

Web giant Google has unveiled changes to its search engine to let users to "dig deeper" into results.


The developments include automatic tables of information on a subject, arrange results by date and genre, and a GPS phone app for naming stars in the sky.

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What Is Google Squared? It Is How Google Will Crush Wolfram Alpha (Exclusive Video)
One of the next frontiers of search is taking all of the unstructured data spread helter-skelter across the Web and treat it like it is sitting in a nice, structured database. It is easier to get answers out of a database where everything is neatly labeled, stamped, and categorized.
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Screenshots of Google Squared

The Google Squared homepage, complete with a Labs icon, offers a search box and a “Square it” button. Suggested searches include “roller coasters”, “strollers”, and “hotels in Paris”.
The search result page for the query “small dogs”.
A detail of above screenshot showing different types of small dogs.
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