HP’s DreamScreen

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HP launches DreamScreen tablet

DreamScreen users will be able to stream music and photos stored on home PCs and access Facebook

HP DreamScreen
HP's DreamScreen is designed for use around the house, and can even be hung on the wall, like a picture

The tablet-style computer features either a 10.2in or 13.3in screen, and can wirelessly stream content stored on other computers around the home. It also features 2GB of built in memory, enough to store hundreds of songs and pictures. The portable device is designed for use on coffee tables and kitchen worktops, giving users access to all of their music and media files without the need for a second computer. It is currently only available in the United States.

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HP Dreamscreen

The sleek, stylish HP DreamScreen adds a fun new dimension to your digital content. Easily view photos of your last vacation, watch family videos, listen to Pandora Internet radio, get Facebook status updates, check the weather and more—all with this elegant wireless web-connected screen.1

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clipped from www.youtube.com
clipped from www.youtube.com

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