Phase Change Memory -- Samsung announces 512Mbit PRAM

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Phase-change memory

Phase-change memory (also known as PCM, PRAM, PCRAM, Ovonic Unified Memory, Chalcogenide RAM and C-RAM) is a type of non-volatile computer memory. PRAM uses the unique behavior of chalcogenide glass, which can be "switched" between two states, crystalline and amorphous, with the application of heat. Recent versions can achieve two additional distinct states, effectively doubling its storage capacity. PRAM is one of a number of new memory technologies that are attempting to compete in the non-volatile role with the almost universal Flash memory, which has a number of practical problems these replacements hope to address.

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Samsung Electronics Co has announced that it has completed the first working prototype of what is expected to be the fast performance memory device of the future.
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SAMSUNG Announces Production Start-up of its Next-generation Nonvolatile Memory PRAM

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