LittleDog -- Boston Dynamics' Legged Locomotion Learning Robot (videos)

LittleDog - The Legged Locomotion Learning Robot
LittleDog is a quadruped robot designed for research on learning locomotion. Scientists at leading institutions use LittleDog to probe the fundamental relationships among motor learning, dynamic control, perception of the environment, and rough-terrain locomotion.
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February 26, 2007
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September 18, 2007
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August 21, 2008
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February 16, 2009
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June 19, 2009
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September 20, 2009
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Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics is a small engineering and robotics design company best known for the development of BigDog, a quadruped robot designed for the U.S. military with funding from DARPA,[1] and DI-Guy, COTS software for realistic human simulation. Early in the company's history, it worked with the American Systems Corporation under a contract from the Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division (NAWCTSD) to replace naval training videos for aircraft launch operations with interactive 3D computer simulations featuring DI-Guy characters.[2]

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