A Virtual-Reality Simulator for Brain Surgeons

Technology Review - Published By MIT
A Simulator for Brain Surgeons

A virtual-reality simulator promises safer operations and better training.

A new simulator that lets neurosurgeons rehearse before operating--like pilots on a flight simulator--could revolutionize how doctors train for and handle brain surgery.

NeuroTouch, the prototype simulator developed by Canada's National Research Council (NRC) and several other research groups, gives surgeons a dry run in virtual reality before entering the operating room, potentially reducing mistakes.

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Virtual Neurosurgery

For more on NeuroTouch, check out the CBC report in the following video.

Dalhousie University
News Release
World’s first simulation-based brain surgery done in Halifax

Thursday, August 20, 2009: Halifax - A Halifax brain surgeon this week removed a brain tumour after using a virtual reality-based neurosurgical simulation system. This advanced technology is tailor made for patient-specific planning – a medical advance not yet available anywhere else in the world.

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