The ASUS Eee Box mini desktop PC

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What is Eee Box?

The Eee Box is a mini desktop PC with huge possibilities. With a slim, svelte design, the world's smallest desktop PC allows for an array of space saving options. Plus, it's so easy to use. Its simple intuitive interface is simple to learn. Learn more about the Eee Box's features and the experiences it delivers here.

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ASUS Eee Box Promo

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EeeBox PC EB1501

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Full HD Home Entertainment Center in a Box

Pint-sized Powerhouse - Using 70% Less Power Than Your Average Desktop

Adding a Touch of Style and Grace to Home Entertainment

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Asus Unveils New EeeBox EB1501

Similar to the recent EB1012, the Asus EeeBox EB1501 is a compact, comprehensive PC for your home theater system. Like the EB1012, the 1501 features an Intel Atom N330 dual core, NVIDIA ion graphics, 2 GB of DDR2-800 RAM and SATA 2.5-inch, 250-gig HDD. The new device adds an optical disc drive (DVD-RW) and Windows 7 for added performance. An assortment of connection jacks and ports ensure that you’re never left scratching your head holding a cable end–HDMI, S/PDIF, 802.11n WLAN, Ethernet LAN port, D-sub, eSATA, card reader, headphone and mic jacks, and 6 USB ports. Enjoy all of your video content on your LCD TV in full 1080p HD along with full surround sound from either the HDMI or S/PDIF outputs. SimHD upscales video to HD quality.

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