The Xeros Waterless Washing Machine

Xeros – The Waterless Washing Machine Could Save Gallons

A washing machine which does not use water to clean clothes? That could solve half of the world’s water woes. The machine under development by the U.K based Xeros is technically not a zero-water washing machine. But the Xeros washing machine uses just a cup of water per load to clean your dirty laundry.
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The Future of Laundry: No More Water

How to Clean Your Clothes with Plastic: Nylon beads sit in the outer of two nested drums. When both drums rotate, the absorbent beads fall through the mesh of the inner drum to tumble with your laundry, where they dislodge and trap dirt. After the wash cycle finishes, the outer drum stops moving and centripetal force pushes the beads back through the mesh into the outer drum, where they await your next mess. Paul Wootton

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Product Development

The Xeros polymer cleaning process can be applied to numerous cleaning sectors - both commercial and domestic. However, the team's first objective is to build a system for the Commercial laundry sector, designed to wash garment loads up to 20 kg per cycle.

Washing garments with the same cleaning and convenience of conventional washing
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Environment Benefits

Converting from conventional laundry systems will save 90% of the fresh
water associated with washing. Take US domestic washing as an example,
that translates into 1.2 billion tonnes of water saved per year, equivalent to
17 million swimming pools.

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Cost Benefits

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