Bridgestone Color E-Paper


Bridgestone Corp announced an electronic paper (e-paper) device based on its "Quick-response Liquid Powder" Oct 26, 2009.

The company expects that the device will be used for browsing electronic books and electronic data. It will be tested with the assistance system for liaison officers at Kansai Urban Banking Corp from the spring of 2010.

Bridgestone's new e-paper device

Bridgestone's new e-paper device

Full-colour, flexible e-Paper is finally here

According to ePaperCentral, “unlike other e-paper devices like the Kindle and Sony’s 505/700, the Bridgestone model does not use E Ink based technologies. Instead, it uses a powerful technology built in house that could completely revolutionize e-paper called QR-LPD.”

Bridgestone QR-LPD Color E-Paper Demonstration

Bridgestone Color E-Paper Featured on a Japanese Show

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Bridgestone Color E-paper

The Technology

The technology behind the screen itself is based on Bridgestone’s own QR-LPD electronic powder, which provides the quick rendering of black and white images that are as clear and paper-like as E Ink’s technology, and uses about the same battery life. Color is provided by a series of filters that go over each individual pixel that create the impression of a high definition, true color display.

The touch screen surface is provided by a WACOM tablet, much like the touch screen surface used in Sony’s PRS 700 and the IRex Iliad. As you can see in the example videos, the touch screen updates really quickly, but the actual full display refresh can be very slow. Depending on the model and the image displayed, the full screen refresh can be anywhere from .8 seconds to a full 15 seconds.

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