EcoATM Cell Phones Recycling

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EcoATM Arrives in Stores - Accepts Used Cell Phones, Spits Out Store Credit

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Could gadget recycling get easier than this? In a similar vein as ATM-like change machines, where you bring your bucket-o-coins, dump them in and out pops a far more convenient currency, EcoATM wants to buy back your old cell phones with this cool kiosk. Insert cell phone, withdraw currency.

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EcoATM Pays Cash for Your Old Cell Phones

The ATM, which is the first station to be installed by San Diego startup EcoATM, identifies cell phones, gives them an estimated secondary market value, and provides payment in the form of cash or an in-store credit. In the event that the phone no longer holds value--if it's old or there are too many signs of wear--it heads to a recycling bin and a tree is planted in your name.

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The ecoATM Kiosk: How it works

The ecoATM - Easy as 1, 2, 3

Step 1) Insert portable CE device or handset
Step 2) Used device automatically valued
Step 3) Portables automatically binned inside. User receives trade-up coupon, gift card, and/or charitable contribution

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Green - The Environmental Equation

In the Making of Phones 1 Phone >3 tons mining waste
In the Disposal of Phones 75,000 tons into landfills annually -
Arsenic, Cadmium, Mercury

The Environmental Equation
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Green - Where Does The Stuff Go?

Where Does The Stuff Go?

Almost all consumer electronics (mobile phones, computers, monitors, printers, etc.) contain toxic materials such as lead, mercury, arsenic and a broad variety of other materials that pose a threat to the environment and health. The eWaste challenge is to extend device usage to end-of-life, safely mine existing eWaste for materials, and design new devices with planned reclamation using reclaimed materials where possible.

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