The MetroNaps EnergyPod

Nap in style, Thats how google does it anyway!

A reporter found a alien like pod while visiting  Google HQ’s in Mountain View. The Contraption you see, is a Mountain View Nap Pod or the EnergyPod, like they call it.

Googlers Take Naps In Bizarre Contraption

How does Google keep its employees fresh for long days and nights of working? With sleep pods.

FT reporter Richard Waters was in Google's Mountain View headquarters yesterday and snapped this photo of an anonymous Googler catching some rest. When Richard walked past the pod later, he said a pair of female legs were sticking out from the pod.

This contraption is a MetroNap EnergyPod. Metronap says it "harnesses science and NASA technology" to deliver a refreshing nap for users.

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The EnergyPod

The MetroNaps EnergyPod solves a contemporary problem: most work spaces do not offer their employees a place to rejuvenate. The result is that people seek rest in places not intended for it: at their desk, in a conference room, a parked car or even the bathroom.

Based on years of research and thousands of design hours, the MetroNaps EnergyPod is the perfect place to quickly and effectively enhance your energy. Designed to be installed almost anywhere, the EnergyPod is a self-contained productivity device.


Key Features & Benefits
  • Room within a room
  • Inbuilt Bose sound system
  • Contemporary design
  • Zero gravity technology
  • Controlled nap timer
  • Gentle waking sequence
  • Privacy visor

Nap in style, Thats how google does it anyway!
Googlers Take Naps In Bizarre Contraption
MetroNaps / The EnergyPod
MetroNaps. Fatigue Management, accredited training and napping solutions for safety critical workplaces

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