The miniPAK -- Horizon's Portable Electronic Device Charger

At last! An affordable, portable, pocket-sized Personal Fuel Cell

The Horizon MiniPak will almost certainly be the public's first experience of the coming Hydrogen Economy.

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Portable fuel cell powers gadgets with water

Horizon’s solution relies on a purpose-built cartridge, called a HydroStik, which is refilled from a “desktop hydrogen supply”. HydroStiks are inserted into the MiniPak, a handheld conversion unit that produces 1.5W to 2W of continuous power and includes a standard 5V USB port to enable direct plugging-in of any USB-dependent device. Adapter tips support a variety of smartphones and GPS units from Motorola, LG, Sony, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, BlackBerry, HTC, and Garmin (here’s the official video complete with 80s-styled synthpop ambient music).

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  • Refillable H2 storage!
  • Cheaper for the amount of storable energy ($/Wh)
  • More available energy than most existing devices (Wh)
  • No self discharge - energy can be stored in solid state for years
  • No wall sockets ideal for remote "off-grid" use or international travel
  • Smaller size for similar weight when compared to best available batteries
  • Ready-to-use device - no need to charge cartridges prior to first-time use
  • Easy to use (Universal USB for multiple devices), no need for adaptor plugs
  • Sustainable product: product makes use of recycled plastics and green materials
  • Multiple use - can be used for numerous portable devices, not just cell-phones!
  • Eco-friendly: if disposed, canisters do not contain any mercury, cadmium or lead
  • "Hot swappable" energy by simply swapping "empty for full" cartridges on the go
  • Carriable on-board aircraft cabin - thanks to recent legislation on metal hydride devices
  • Infrastructure for the future - HydroFILL "home refueling station" can be used for many other fuel cell devices

A Hydrogen Station In Every Home?

CNN's Kristie Lu Stout talks to Taras Wankewycz about a new hydrogen fuel-cell refueling station for the home.

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At last! An affordable, portable, pocket-sized Personal Fuel Cell
Portable fuel cell powers gadgets with water
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