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Unlocking your hotel room with your smartphone? OpenWays is an app for that.

Holiday Inn locations in two cities are experimenting with a system that lets guests unlock their rooms using a smartphone. When you check in online, the system (called OpenWays) sends you an encrypted audio code that unlocks your door, and then texts you your room number.

That means no more checking in at the desk, and no more worries about losing a key or a keycard.

OpenWays iphone apps for guests

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Smartphone App Supplies Hotel Key

But how does it work? According to OpenWays, the app uses the speakers in your phone to emit a distinct sound (specific to your door) which is then picked up by the OpenWays technology in the lock. Because a sound can easily be recorded, the sound becomes obsolete the instant it is used. If recorded, and someone tries to use the recorded sound, the lock will reject the entry attempt. This is due to the latest in research in cryptography, where keycard data is wrapped in an "encrypted acoustic envelope," thus never compromising your safety. According to OpenWays, the sound is no louder than what you would normally hear over your phone, and the speaker is not necessary. And here's one added benefit: it doesn't waste any plastic on those pesky access cards, making this a greener technology.

Future capabilities of the app (possibly integrated with a hotel app) may include extending your nights at the hotel, ordering room service, and paying for it, too! As if we did already have enough ways to spend our money.

Unlocking your hotel room with your smartphone? OpenWays is an app for that.
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