Adidas miCoach Player-Tracking System

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The 2012 AT&T MLS All-Star Game on July 25 in Philadelphia will be the world's first "smart soccer match" and will feature the new micoach professional soccer team tracking system, the next step in player performance analysis technology.

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According to the company, the MLS game will be the world's "first smart soccer match," allowing coaches to track player performance on the pitch. Adidas hasn't revealed too many details on how the service will work, but it appears that coaches will be able to access real-time player statistics, including speed, acceleration, and power output, from a tablet. The software also provides alerts coaches might need to consider.

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Adidas will embed its miCoach data tracker in uniforms worn by players competing in the 2012 AT&T MLS All-Star Game on July 25. The “professional soccer team tracking system” riffs on the miCoach Speed Cell introduced last year, and Adidas says it will provide coaches with real-time data about player position and performance.


But   the technology appears to build on the MiCoach Speed Cell. The Speed Cell is a bit smaller than a poker chip and typically snaps into the bottom of the Adizero F50 soccer shoe. It tracks pace and distance, average and maximum speed, distance covered at high intensity and acceleration. It is part of a broader trend within the industry to create so-called “smart shoes” that use radio frequency identification tags, motion sensors and accelerometers to customize appearance, fit and responsiveness. The shoes of tomorrow also will transmit data to the cloud.

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Christian DiBenedetto, senior innovation director at Adidas, with the miCoach Speed Cell that measures the wearer's pace, distance and other data. Photo: Adidas
Last year, Adidas launched the miCoach Speed Cell, a component just smaller than a poker chip. It snaps into the bottom of a soccer shoe to track pace and distance, along with more sophisticated stats like average and maximum speed, distance covered at high intensity and acceleration. The company has added a running shoe and plans to expand the line to include basketball, football and tennis this year.