Formula 1 Superbus from Dubai to Abu Dhabi

World's First and Only Formula 1 Superbus Becoming Reality | AMOG

It turns out that there is indeed a vehicle that could be described as a “Formula 1 Superbus” that was purchased for £7 million by a sheik in the United Arab Emirates last year. Paying that much money most mean that this thing is a beast, since this hi-tech bus means he will be able to complete the 75-mile commute from Dubai to  Abu Dhabi in under 30 minutes.

Super bus takes 23 passengers and travels at 155mph | Mail Online

It has been developed at the Delft University of Technology in Holland under the direction of Professor Wubbo Ockels who in 1985 became the first Dutchman in space when he was part of the team on board the space shuttle Challenger.

The project was backed by the Dutch government, American chemicals company Dow and the Saudi conglomerate Sabic.
More than your average bus pass: The luxurious vehicle has been shipped to the Middle East to allow the sheikh to commute at high speed

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“Carefree and comfortable travel, customized according to your needs. You can get in the vehicle wherever and whenever you need. It will take you to your destination without any changeovers. During the journey, you can get on with your work, or sit back and enjoy the speed and the luxury. This service will be yours for a fare which is comparable to the prices of present day’s public transport.”

This is not a dream, but a concept that formed the starting point for the development of Superbus as an innovative alternative for today’s personal mobility.