The Sandman an Electric Vehicle backed by Human Propulsion

Sandman | Environmentally conscious vehicle

Meet the Sandman. It's the official name of this four-wheeler, which is unlike any Holden panel-van we've ever known.

According to its designer, 20 year-old Slovakian Adam Danko, the single-occupancy vehicle was designed for young, active, environmentally-conscious people.

The Sandman's design recently won Europe's Allivision09 competition, a contest that focused on "Ideas for a Better World" and attracted about 650 entries.

Allivision09 Competition: the winners - Car Body Design

The Sandman is a type of transportation vehicle targeted to young and active people, who like sports and need an affordable and practical car. It is powered by a combination of human propulsion and an electric engine, which helps to pedal along.

"The winning project best met all criteria of the competition. It’s about clean design, which is very sovereign in its expression," commented Václav Capouch, Škoda Auto designer and one of the jury members of the Allivision09 competition.

One of the finer points about the Sandman is that it is both a city vehicle and an off-road alternative with all-terrain suspension fitted to both the front and rear.

A pair of joystick-style levers alongside the seat steer the Sandman's mountain-bike (or perhaps tractor) inspired tyres through the terrain.

For safety reasons the seat is adaptable and it comes with a seatbelt to keep you strapped in whether you're going over moguls or speed humps. The cockpit also houses an LCD readout screen.