Dream:ON A Dream Control App

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A British psychologist has launched an iPhone app that aims to give users the ability to select the type of dream they want to have before they go to sleep.

The inventor of Dream On, psychologist and author Richard Wiseman, calls it a mass participation experiment. Rather than promise that your iPhone (a version for Android phones is coming) can program your dreams, Wiseman says the Dream On will collect data so see if it's possible.

To use the app, you would plug in your iPhone and place it face down on your bed before you go to sleep. The app monitors your sleep patterns and movements and plays music and soundscapes according to your selection.

When you wake up, the app prompts you to write down your dream in a journal, with options to share your dream on Twitter and tag your Facebook friends if they appear in your dream.

Dream:ON - The App to Influence Your Dreams

How does Dream:ON work?
Before going to bed you indicate the type of dream you would like to have and when you want to wake up. You then place your iPhone on your bed and go to sleep. Dream:ON then activates and begins monitoring your sleep pattern.

When Dream:ON senses that you are dreaming, it plays a 'soundscape' that has been carefully designed to help create your desired dream. Whilst your chosen soundscape is playing, Dream:ON continues to monitor your movement and adjusts the volume accordingly to ensure you're not woken up.
"We have created a new way of carrying out mass participation experiments. We still know relatively little about the science of dreaming and this app may provide a real breakthrough in changing how we dream, and record and track those dreams." ~ Professor Richard Wiseman