The 'Circle' Printer Concept

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Designer Yang Jae Wook has created an innovative take on the humble printer, re-designing the traditional rectangular design in to something a little more rounded.

Circle concept reinvents the printer - PC & Tech Authority

Posted on Yanko Design, mock ups show that this "continuous printer" takes up less space and looks infinitely better than regular printers – all good stuff considering we no longer print off every email we receive.

The sheet of paper slots in the top of Circle and then rotates around the vertical drum before it's ejected out the other side. It's not a particularly revolutionary mechanism – pun intended – but no-one seems to have applied the idea in this way before.

Circle – A Continuous Printer by Yang Jae Wook » Yanko Design

One of the most annoying computer peripheral on anyone’s desk is the printer. It’s noisy, it vibrates and it takes up so much space! Which is why I’m all for innovations that look at minimizing size without losing functionality. ‘Circle’ is one such attempt that has impressed me. One look and you won’t even realize that it’s a printer, looks more like humidifier or a fancy pot. Wish that manufacturers would look in this direction too; HP are you listening?