Create 3D Models From your Photographs with Autodesk 123D Catch

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Autodesk, one of the premier 3-D printing companies out there right now--they make AutoCAD, the pioneering software--has a new app out for iPad that aims to make 3-D printing easier. Just snap a bunch of pictures of the object you want to reproduce from different angles, and the app, cleverly named 123D Catch, creates a 3-D rendering automatically.

Turn Your Photos Into 3D Models With Autodesk 123D Catch For Apple iPad - Forbes

Complementing the desktop and newly released web versions, the 123D Catch app allows users to capture the world around them in 3D while on the go.  Imagine the potential for photos of vacation memories, family or other mementos brought to life in 3D. Captures made in 123D Catch can also be used as the foundation for further 3D modeling, 3D animation, or used to create a 3D printed object. Some cool real-world uses below.
Real world uses of Autodesk 123D Catch:
  • AfricanFossil.org is a fossil preservation project with Kenyan Paleontologist Louise Leakey. This cool project is in its infancy to document specimens in the National Museums of Kenya and in labs around the country.
  • Coral Reef protection – there’s a team documenting how coral reefs deteriorate using 123D Catch and then stitching together the pieces.
  • Cities and physical locations of all types can use reality capture tools with 3D drones to take photos and video to model an area or building or roadway.

123D Catch iPad App | Geeky Gadgets

The 123D Catch app lets you take upto 40 photos which can then be uploaded for processing, and the app includes interactive startup guides you help you through the process of creating your first 3D object using the service.

The other app launched this week by Autodesk called 123D Make Intro, has been designed to work the other way and turn 3D models into 2D build plans with animated assembly instructions.

Download them both for free now from the iTunes app store: 123D Catch123D Make Intro.