Microsoft's Mirage Table Augmented Reality Teleconferencing System

BBC News - MirageTable: Microsoft presents augmented reality device

Microsoft has shown off an augmented reality system that allows users at different locations to work together on tabletop activities, sharing objects which they can both handle.
The MirageTable was demonstrated at a conference in Austin, Texas and is outlined on the firm's research site.

MirageTable Teaser: Freehand Interaction on a Projected Augmented Reality Tabletop - YouTube

MirageTable is a novel augmented reality system which enables instant digitization of physical objects, correct 3D perspective views, and interaction using bare hands without gloves or trackers. One can also, use MirageTable to enable 3D teleconferencing which recreates the experience of sitting across the table from someone remote and playing with them in a physically realistic way.

DailyTech - Microsoft Introduces Augmented Reality System "MirageTable"

MirageTable consists of a curved, white piece of plastic that sits in front of the person using it. A 3D video projector, which is an Acer H5360, beams images onto the plastic while a Microsoft Kinect depth camera sensor tracks the movements of each person and object at each end. The entire system is powered by two computers connected by a network.

The users are also required to wear shutter glasses (NVIDIA 3D Vision) while using MirageTable so that they can see the image being projected in 3D.

"In our system, the user can hold a virtual object, move it, or knock it down, since all virtual and real objects participate in a real-world physics simulation," said the Microsoft research team. "The unique benefit of this set-up is that two users share not only the 3D image of each other, but also the tabletop task space in front of them."