TheBlu: World's First Social Digital Ocean App

"theBlu", social digital ocean app launched

NEW YORK: Wemo Media, the Venice, CA-based entertainment studio, on friday, 4 May 2012, announced the launch of "theBlu," a globally shared art and entertainment experience. Inspired by the world's oceans, "theBlu" is a living and breathing digital art exhibit of ocean habitats and species, created by artists and developers from all over the world.

Wemo Media

The Blu

The Blu is a global mission to create the ocean on the web as a globally shared media experience. It is a beautiful interactive online world where every species and habitat is a unique work of art created by digital artists and developers around the world. The Blu is a geosocial web application where people connect across the Internet and explore a vast ocean on the web. Check it out...

Source: Wemo Media

Source: theBlu

TheBlu - Screensaver

What is theBlu?
Inspired by the Oceans, theBlu is a socially-connected, global interactive screensaver. Each time you participate, your interactions and connections impact the flow of life in theBlu and everyone's experience of it.
TheBlu is created and curated Academy Award-winning leaders and world-class artists and developers - we call them Makers. Each time you purchase beautiful species and habitats to add to the globally-connected Ocean, you support oceanic conservation.
Once you install theBlu screensaver, you can:
  1. Explore and experience a beautiful online 3D underwater world as easily as browsing the Web.
  2. Connect and interact with your friends via Facebook and go diving together in theBlu.
  3. Have fun learning about the Oceans because theBlu is both entertaining and educational.
  4. Support oceanic conservation each time you purchase 3D species and habitat art work.
TheBlu is available on Mac and PC. It requires a one-time, one-click, quick download. TheBlu will soon be available on iPad, iPhone, Android and other devices. (read more about our tech specs)