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Intel debuts text reader for the blind

The company announced on Tuesday the debut of the Intel Reader, a handheld text-to-speech device that can read any printed text aloud to those who are blind or have difficulties seeing or reading.

The Atom-powered device uses a high-resolution camera to capture images of any printed text, which it then converts into digital format to read out loud. The Reader can be used as a standalone device to snap pictures of text. But paired with Intel's Portable Capture Station, which can hold the Reader in place, the device can grab huge amounts of text, such as an entire book, according to Intel.

A camera that reads text aloud


Ben Foss, director of access technology in Intel's Digital Health Group, uses the Intel Reader to scan a book. Photo: Jon Fortt.


The Intel Reader has a 4.3-inch LCD display, 4 gigabytes of flash storage and USB slots for adding more. It weighs 1.38 pounds. Image: Intel.

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Intel News Release

Intel Launches Mobile Handheld Device for People with Reading-Based Disabilities, such as Dyslexia or Low-Vision, or for Those Who are Blind

  • The new Intel Reader (reader.intel.com), a mobile handheld device, increases independence for people with reading-based disabilities.

  • The size of a paperback book, the Intel Reader converts printed text to digital text and then reads it aloud to the user.

  • The Intel Reader can help the estimated 55 million people in the U.S. who have specific learning disabilities such as dyslexia or vision problems.

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New Intel® Reader Transforms the Printed Word

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Features And Technical Specs

Intel® Reader Features

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