SARTRE -- Safe Road Trains for the Environment

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With Road Trains, Highways Become Public Transportation


Researchers in the European Union are using telematics to create “road trains” that join the benefits of carpooling with the freedom of driving alone.

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Cars that drive themselves can become reality within ten years

A new EU project SARTRE is being launched to develop and test technology for vehicles that can drive themselves in long road trains on motorways. This technology has the potential to improve traffic flow and journey times, offer greater comfort to drivers, reduce accidents, and improve fuel consumption and hence lower CO2 emissions.
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'Road trains' get ready to roll

How a road train could work

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The lead vehicle would be handled by a professional driver who would monitor the status of the road train. Those in following vehicles could take their hands off the wheel, read a book or watch TV, while they travel along the motorway. Their vehicle would be controlled by the lead vehicle.

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