Liquavista's Color, Video E-Paper

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Liquavista's E-Paper Plays Full-Color Movies

E-readers such as Amazon's Kindle DX, Sony's Daily Edition, and Barnes & Noble's multi-touch hybrid might want to start trembling. A new e-paper from Liquivista promises to allow video-playing and digital note-taking on a multi-touch, color screen.

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Liquavista October 2009

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Liquavista participates in £12 million project to create next generation flexible, full colour, video displays enabled by UK Technology Strategy Board grant

Liquavista ePaper
In the future, electronic readers using Liquavista technology will support full color and video on devices that are as readable and portable as paper.
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Electrowetting Benefits

Liquavista’s technology is unique in offering significant improvement over LCD in all the important areas while exploiting the existing infrastructure. The strong process compatibility to LCD offers a compelling route to manufacturing to existing LCD makers, with a very low investment barrier.

Key Areas

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